Thank you for sharing your object and story

We understand that some of you can’t talk openly about your LGBTIQ+ identity and must hide it to preserve your safety and well-being. This is why you can contribute to the collection without disclosing your personal data. You’ll only be asked to share your email, your coming out story and information about the donated object. That said, we strongly feel that by sharing more information about yourself helps other LGBTIQ+ people on their coming out journeys and helps those outside of our community better understand our lives. The final decision rests with you.

Please read the Coming Out Museum Privacy Policy (and Terms and Conditions Agreement?)

The Coming Out Museum revolves around shared stories and experiences. To achieve this, we aim to gather the biographies and social contexts of the items you are sharing with us.  If you are contributing with a physical personal item, you will receive additional instructions via email. All donations, whether physical or digital items, will be integrated into the permanent collection of the Coming Out Museum.

Please follow the outlined steps and complete the provided form to launch your story and become a part of the Coming Out Museum community.